Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist

Today I wanted to give a shout out to the late Mr. Brinkle, who dedicated his life to constructing his own screening room. He not only screened 16mm films in his basement, he designed every last part of his miniature theatre, from the seats to the tickets. So what if he spent his days underground and his nights running the projector at a local Delaware movie theater…he did what he loved and his work is mind-blowing. Brinkle named his theatre the Shalimar, and today it stands as a magnificent piece of folk art (not unlike the Watts Towers or Salvation Mountain).¬†What a baller, Gordon Brinkle, you rock!

Kendall Messick8 Gordon Brinkle: ProjectionistKendall Messick Gordon Brinkle: ProjectionistKendall Messick11 Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist20081211 hemphill messick 450 Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist

And props to Kendall Messick for spending 8 years with Gordon and writing a book on his life-long project.

theprojectionist Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist

Purchase Messick’s awesome book here (our store, of course).

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