Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

Dinosaurs Smoking Weed is a book near and dear to our hearts here at the Spitfire Girl headquarters. Firstly, its one of our best sellers, and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s written by one of our own!  That’s right - Dinosaurs Smoking Weed author, Shahrzad Ghadjar, used to work at one of our Spitfire Girl locations!

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

Now that she’s a successful entrepreneur, we had to sneak into Shahr’s busy schedule to talk about how Dinosaurs Smoking Weed came about. We put on some Lana Del Rey and let Shahr explain: “I love dinosaurs and I’ve always loved dinosaurs and I was drawing one day and it was a nice afternoon and I drew a T-Rex smoking a joint- and I thought it was really funny.”

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

 Shahr talked about how she always draws in black and white and how her style just naturally really lent itself to a coloring book, and as Shahr put it “people love to color when they’re stoned!”

As well as being a fun activity Shahr also wanted Dinosaurs Smoking Weed to be educational. The book contains Dinosaurs from all different continents and time periods and has true facts about each Dinosaur pictured. “It’s not just all about getting high, it’s about learning.”

  Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

We can appreciate that Shahr loves to learn and we just have to attribute some of her success to what she learned working for Spitfire Girl!

“Before working at the shop I thought I would do film, and when I was working at the store … I saw Kristin and Jason – all they do is draw and sell things and I thought, wow, I could do that too. Then Kristin also gave me the opportunity to draw and design for the store, and that blew my mind.”

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

 We at Spitfire Girl love coloring (stoned or otherwise) and Dinosaurs Smoking Weed provides the perfect place for us to get our coloring on! In fact, we’re about to get to coloring this Ornithomimus smoking a blunt right now!

  Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

We have a very special limited number of signed and numbered copies of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed available for purchase! The first five orders for Dinosaurs Smoking Weed placed online will be signed! Woohoo!

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

Happy coloring!
Spitfire Girl

Spitfire Girl and Auntie Em’s!

We at Spitfire Girl love all things cupcake and delicious so breakfasting out of the office to meet with Auntie Em’s Kitchenette founder, author, punk-rocker, and all around bad ass chick, Theresa Wahl, was a treat!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
Theresa Wahl is the author of our new favorite cookbook, The Auntie Em’s Cookbook, A Musician’s Guide to Breakfast & Brunch. In it, she expertly pairs tasty home inspired recipes with a colorful collection of tunes for the complete cooking experience.
Delectable recipes for sweet things like Orange Ciabatta French Toast are paired with equally pleasing songs like California Paradise by The Runaways.
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
We sat down with Terri in her new Auntie Em’s location in downtown Los Angeles to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind her new book.
When asked how she picked out songs for each recipe, Terri explained that she was trying to create a mood.
“The jarring and canning section is all blues – like you’re sitting on your porch in the South canning, making blueberry preserves and listening to blues music – it was just a feeling.”
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
We love Theresa and we love the Shaker Lemon Pie recipe (among others!)  We cant wait to blast Siouxsie and the Banshees while we’re whipping up this luscious lemon dessert!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
The Auntie Em’s Cookbook, The Musicians Guide to Breakfast & Brunch is available now online and at our retail locations!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
Happy Cooking (and singing!)
Spitfire Girl

Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist

Today I wanted to give a shout out to the late Mr. Brinkle, who dedicated his life to constructing his own screening room. He not only screened 16mm films in his basement, he designed every last part of his miniature theatre, from the seats to the tickets. So what if he spent his days underground and his nights running the projector at a local Delaware movie theater…he did what he loved and his work is mind-blowing. Brinkle named his theatre the Shalimar, and today it stands as a magnificent piece of folk art (not unlike the Watts Towers or Salvation Mountain). What a baller, Gordon Brinkle, you rock!

Kendall Messick8 Gordon Brinkle: ProjectionistKendall Messick Gordon Brinkle: ProjectionistKendall Messick11 Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist20081211 hemphill messick 450 Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist

And props to Kendall Messick for spending 8 years with Gordon and writing a book on his life-long project.

theprojectionist Gordon Brinkle: Projectionist

Purchase Messick’s awesome book here (our store, of course).

Stay inspired,


Yarn Bombs and Guerilla Knits

Hi All, I’m Chelsea, and as the temperature drops this season, I find myself increasingly less apt to go outside. Not only are the trees becoming barren, but I’m from SoCal and I only own so many sweaters… Which brings me to my question: What can I do to get warmer or make the city I’m living in a little warmer???

There are multiple answers to this question… I could buy a coat, for one. I could get those awesome hand and sock warmers that only last for 15 minutes (but you know it’s the best 15 minutes of your life), I could try to invent a portable space heater (that is not a hand or sock warmer).

But no- the best answer to this question is ….drumroll…. yarn bombing. Ask not what you’re country can knit for you, but what you can knit for your country. That’s right, I’m going there.

Guerilla crocheting pretty much combines everything warm and cozy about winter: decorations and sweaters.

043 artherenowWeb1 Yarn Bombs and Guerilla KnitsYes, I know…yarn and knitting seem to clash with the idea of public rebellion, but for a couple of years now, yarn bombing and guerilla knitting have become viable forms of street art. While some artists make a sort of stocking or wrap for poles and street lamps, others like, Juliana Santacruz Herrera, simply arrange yarn into colorful shapes in the cracks of pavement or on public walls (pictured below).

yarn bomb 11 Yarn Bombs and Guerilla Knits

 Yarn Bombs and Guerilla Knits

 Yarn Bombs and Guerilla Knits

If you’re still on the fence about how awesome guerrilla crocheting is, come in to the store and check out a book we carry, Urban Knits (pictured below). Bonus for you: some other blogs dedicated to yarn bombing = Knitty Graffity and YarnBombing.

cover4 Yarn Bombs and Guerilla Knits

As the weather gets colder this holiday season, think about cozying up with something knitted or… think about making this city a little warmer, and start dropping them yarn bombs y’all!

Peace, love and yarn,


Redneck Words of Wisdom

This book is loaded with pure gold!






It’s wipe -your- ass- with-a-snow-cone hot!” – I haven’t heard that one before. Made me laugh out loud.

“I’d rather a wear a pair of porkchop panties and run through a lion’s den than…..”

I’ll have you know, I just did a spell check and you know, soooo many bells went off!

I hope you enjoyed my little teaser from the book, Redneck Words of Wisom,

product img 1193 350x350.jpg Redneck Words of Wisdom

Available right know!