A Peek Inside Spitfire Girl’s Magic!

Spitfire Girl owner and founder Kristin Schroder answers questions about just what makes SFG so great! Check it out below:
sfg interior 2 1024x677 A Peek Inside Spitfire Girls Magic! How long have you been in business and how did you get started?
Spitfire Girl was born 15 years ago. I started the company in my
garage with our trademark box cards. Fifteen years later Spitfire Girl is
a fast growing incredible beast of a company. Our goods are shipped
to stores across the world on a daily basis. We have two fabulous retail
stores in Los Angeles and a thriving online presence.

Why did you choose this location to open your business?
We chose Los Feliz because it is a eclectic, funky, family oriented
neighborhood. It has a great flow of people from all over Los Angeles
and surrounding cities. We have a clientele of famous actors too, which
make working the store always exciting! Our Melrose location is quite
different. It is our newest store only being open for ten months. I
chose Melrose for it’s iconic history. This was the place you took
everyone in the 80’s and 90’s when they came to visit LA. The street
fell off the radar during the recession and I am super excited to be a
part of bringing this famous boulevard back. It is an exciting
neighborhood, you never know who is going to walk through the door.
My favorite was Gavin, from Bush and his entire brood of kids running
through the store. It is by far my favorite store at the moment.
Because of the location and large layout, I was really able to spread
out and have fun merchandising.

How would you describe your store’s style/aesthetic?
Quirky but sheik at the same time, vintage, eclectic, handmade, and
visually entertaining. Spitfire Girl is filled with unusual and natural
curiosities that are always changing. We travel a lot in search of
oddities and antiques in addition to handmade artist goods. What
makes our stores different from other stores is a creative mind, an
artist is doing the curating. My buying style is not traditional by any

 Where did you get your name from and what other names did you
There could never be any other name for my business. The name
Spitfire Girl came to me so easily. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I would
almost say it was a premonition. Anyone that knows me gets it, I am a
determined, strong willed, crazy creative lady. I love to gamble in the
sense I will walk straight into the fire every time without a thought.
It’s more exciting!
What types of items are your best sellers? (i.e. brands, specific
pieces, etc.)
Our Brand Spitfire Girl is by far the best seller. After SFG wares it’s oddities I
source from all over the world. A long time favorite for our customers is
handmade naked people from Guatemala, they are tiny hand sewn dolls,
with all their bits in tact, very strange little things, but people love them.

What item do you have in the store now that you would want to
have in your home?   
I love our handmade Turkish towels. They are so luxurious and functional at the same time.

What have you been inspired by lately? (colors, styles, themes,
locations, etc.)
I just got back from Paris and was able to get my hands antique
etchings from the 1800’s from the Paris flea market. I can’t wait to
use them in collages for a new SFG pillow line.

Is there something you thought would sell really well but didn’t?
Not really, I get super excited about the vintage and antique items we place in
the store thinking they are going to sell fast, but they take the longest.
I guess it takes a specific person to fall in love with each one of these pieces.

Where do you mainly source your items from?
All SFG wares are
made in the USA. Other goods are from all over the globe.

What was the first big lesson you learned from opening your store?
How to manage employees and recognize their strengths and direct them in
a way that compliments the company.

What would your one piece of advice you would give to small
Never give up! Take it one day at a time and one foot in front of the other.
My Father always says, “ If it was easy anyone would do it”

What stores do you shop at?
Antique malls and swap meets, I’m a bit of a scavenger.

Do you have any plans to expand your inventory?
Always, every day we receive new inventory!

What trends, if any, are you tired of? 
Laser cut jewelry is definitely tired.

sfg interior 11 1017x1024 A Peek Inside Spitfire Girls Magic!

History of the Heart

historyoftheheart History of the Heart

The heart! It’s the international symbol of love, and we love to draw it on stuff and insert the emoji into cute texts, but where did it come from? How did its cute shape originate? Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day coming up, so we did some research and sought out some info on our favorite shape ♥

Funny thing is, the heart shape as we know it is believed to have originated from the African plant silphium, which is accredited to having contraceptive qualities. (Now we’re talkin!) The city of Cyrene was famous for the trade of this rare and sought out plant used for birth control, so much so that silphium became an important part of Cyrene’s economy. The government minted coins representing silphium’s seedpod, which looked a lot like the shape of the heart as we know it today.

silphium History of the Heart

Interesting! So it all comes down to sex… surprise surprise.

Here’s a few love-related Spitfire Girl items to help get ya in the mood:

love candle 150x150 History of the Heartlove poems 150x150 History of the HeartSSP 140 LapelPinLove2 150x150 History of the HeartScreen Shot 2015 05 06 at 11.48.26 AM 150x150 History of the HeartGetImage 9cfd66fd 93cf 40bd b465 b215414f7914 150x150 History of the Heart mini heart ring1 150x150 History of the Heartunnamed grande d11caf50 3224 4e5c 833e 277f778e5642 150x150 History of the HeartScreen shot 2015 05 26 at 6.06.25 PM 150x150 History of the Heartseduction salt web 1024x1024 150x150 History of the Heart

Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow!

Here at Spitfire Girl we love Halloween, makeup, and cats. We found our favorite cat makeup tutorials to get you inspired for Halloween, and selected a few of our favorite cat products we have available in our stores and online.

cleo catra Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow!

tiger Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow!

Feline Glam
feline glam Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow!

While we’re on the theme of cats, here’s some kitten items for you or that special cat lover. Happy makeuping and shopping!

banditcatglasses Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! luckycatmug Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! bandit cat pillow Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! soap1 Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! catglass Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! dishtowel Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! catrattle Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! banditcatshirt Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow! catgame Halloween Cat Makeup Tutorial—Meow!


Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

We love this time of year because it’s the perfect time to add some spook to your decor and show it off by hosting a Halloween movie night. We’ve gathered our favorite Spitfire Girl items to get you and your home in the Halloween spirit, and a list of the baddest witches from our favorite Halloween flicks.

The Grand High Witch The Witches
TheWitchesMovie Still21 Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

Mary, Winifred, and Sarah Hocus Pocus
3180f493 6edf 4ba5 84c1 e004c04611fa Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

Louise Teen Witch
Teen Witch Dancing Lift 1 Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

Sarah, Nancy, Rochelle, and Bonnie The Craft
the craft Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

Elvira Mistress of the Dark
elvira couch Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

Now that your movies are queued up, here’s a few of our favorite Spitfire Girl items to get you and your home ready to host this party! (Email us a picture with these items in your home for a chance to be featured)

skeleton Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!dead puppy Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style! heartpillow Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!clown doll Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!MJ Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!ceramic salt pepper l Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style! Screen Shot 2015 06 04 at 9.48.51 AM Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style! dayofthedead shotglass Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style! thornyheart Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style! IMG 1052 Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style! skull shotglasses Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

jenga Halloween Movie Party—Spitfire Girl Style!

Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

IMG 1980 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz
Guys, I missed the memo on Halloween this year. Last night, after locking up for work, I began my usual walk home and to my surprise all of these zombies and monsters were filling the streets of los feliz.

So in honor of Pre-Halloween Spooky Sunday (Yes. I did just make that up. You’re welcome.) I would like to showcase some of our spookiest collections here at Spitfire Girl-

Beat Creations Plates

IMG 1973 1024x764 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

He’s wearing a gas mask because of the zombie plague that infiltrated our air here in LA… obviously.

Demon Mask

IMG 1978 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Wowza! That spooked me.

Black Cat keychain

IMG 1975 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Aw what a cute cat!

IMG 1977 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Ah!!! It has blue lazers for eyes! Spooky cat!

Seletti Skull

IMG 1974 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Seletti did some grave robbing and stole this skull before dipping it in gold. I want to be spooked by it, but it just looks so cool.

Bunny Doll

IMG 1979 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Why is that bunny wearing a onesie? Why does it look like a bunny version of Chuckie? Who knows.

Happy Spooky Sunday to all and to all a good night!

OMG! Kids’ Summer Art Sessions for Free!!!

This summer, from May 26th-June 30th, our store on Sunset Blvd. will be offering art sessions every Saturday (except for June 16th). Free for everyone. Children ages 3+ welcomed!! We will be serving refreshments and having loads of fun! So come on by anytime from 1pm-4pm and get your art on!

KidsCalendarFront 787x1024 OMG! Kids Summer Art Sessions for Free!!!KidsCalendarBack 787x1024 OMG! Kids Summer Art Sessions for Free!!!And our first event on May 26th, of course:

sockpuppets 767x1024 OMG! Kids Summer Art Sessions for Free!!!

2012: Year of the Dragon Lady

Yes, yes, I know “dragon lady” is a not-so-politically-correct term for an asian woman, mouthy woman or a rowdy woman… BUT, here at the store, we love a woman who spits fire (I mean, come on. This should be obvious right?)

So, in honor of the Chinese New Year (which started on Jan. 23rd, 2012), us Spitfire Girls want to say Happy Chinese New Year and give a nod to the Chinese zodiac, year of the dragon.

And with a Spitfire Girl twist, we invite you to celebrate…

2012: The Year of the Dragon Lady

 2012: Year of the Dragon Lady
Anna May Wong: Original Dragon Lady

 2012: Year of the Dragon Lady
Terry and the Pirates Comic: First Dragon Lady in Print

 2012: Year of the Dragon Lady

First Dragon Lady to Appear in an Actual Headline

 2012: Year of the Dragon Lady

mini dragon lady!

newdragonlady 2012: Year of the Dragon Lady

This is my version of a dragon lady...

Happy Chinese New Year All!

Here’s to spittin’ fire and taking names!


Forced Perspective Photography

Forced perspective is one of many techniques of photography. It manipulates optical illusion to make an object appear closer, smaller, larger or farther away. Here at Spitfire Girl we think photography is a very enjoyable thing so here are some examples of forced perspective photography.

beofpp 121 Forced Perspective Photography

Falling Sideways

beofpp 19 Forced Perspective Photography

Quench your thirst!

beofpp 29 Forced Perspective Photography

I don't feel so good

beofpp 88 Forced Perspective Photography

I said give me the candy!

beofpp 211 Forced Perspective Photography

beofpp 52 Forced Perspective Photography

Just hangin'

We hoped you enjoyed these photos!

This blog was brought to you by Suki Sekula, age 13 mini-Spitfire Girl.


This picture makes me soooo happy. I hope you enjoy it.

39888 139407419427195 100000738122728 219308 7393477 n BEAUTYHere are some fun facts about Elephants

  • The elephant is the largest of all land mammals
  • Life Span – elephants can live for up to 70 years
  • Elephants normally walk about 4 mph
  • Elephants are able to swim for long distances
  • Elephants spend about 16 hours a day eating
  • They consume as much as 495 pounds of food per day
  • They live in tight social units led by an older matriarch
  • Males leave the herd between the ages of 12 and 15
  • Their tusks are of ivory and are actually enormously enlarged incisors
  • The elephant’s eyes are small and its eyesight is poor
  • They have the largest brains in the animal kingdom