Spring is in the Air

Looks like the seasons are a-changing. The first day of spring is only two weeks away and you know what that means….

sfg fun3 Spring is in the Air

Here are some fun facts about the spring solstice for everyone:

- Legend has it that you can stand a raw egg on it’s end only during the spring equinox.

- Apparently soil smells different during the spring

- Animals have sexy time

- It’s a symbol of renewal and better times.

What better way to celebrate rebirth than with Spitfire Girl?

oh my gawd, it’s a terrarium!

terrariums1 oh my gawd, its a terrarium! since all of you are following us on instagram (@spitfiregirlstore for all of you who are behind on the cool kids wagon), you must know that we have these RADICAL, NEW, AMAAAZING TERRARIUMS!

what’s that you say? you don’t understand what’s so great about our terariums?

well let me tell you:

we give you soil. we give you some blue colored rocks. we give you funky looking moss. and we give you the right to buy your own plant. but best of all…

we give you cool creatures to put in the terrarium! so far we’ve got dinos, cats and deer. what more could you possibly want?



Spitfire Girl Apparel is here!

2tees Spitfire Girl Apparel is here!

If you missed the big animated header on the front page, well i’m here to fill you in… Yup, we have stocked up on tees, tanks & sweatshirts with some of your favorite Spitfire Girl designs! There are some for the gents and a few more for the ladies, check them all out and find the one for you…and a friend maybe? We had a blast doing our little photoshoot in the backyard- the sun, THE SUN oh we love you California sun! Here you go


photo nudie 764x1024 Meet MANBUSH. All ye with sensitivities toward era-specific privates talk, close your eyes! The rest of you, read on.

You know how we all talk about (well, ok – I’ll speak for myself) “lady bush”? Come on, don’t be weird. It’s the puffy pubic plethora we all know from our favorite 70s pornos. Remember? Maybe you’ve seen it from grainy Woodstock footage? Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about? (What! Yes you do…)

I offer you this, familiar friends: a new term. MANBUSH. I seen it with mine own eyes in the store today, people! A yarn-y homage to untamed penis bangs!

Anyway, these hot knitted fella’s are a steal. And with those looks, they won’t be hanging around for long.

They’ve gotta wash their “hair”…




I’m mildly (read: religiously) obsessed with this ad: Ojai Taxidermy

…Aw, you hate it. (NOPE! Ya don’t!) And while I firmly believe living things should keep on living their happy lives if possible, I’m a little crushy on badass taxidermy. We have a few creatures in the store…

fox02 764x1024 Taxider ME.fox 1024x764 Taxider ME.busts 1024x764 Taxider ME.

They maaaay or may not be getting valentines from me this year. (“I’m stuffed with love for you! Be mine!”)

But there are some hard core taxidermists out there in the world. Makin’ dead animalz look all pretty n s***. (We see you Necromance, Deyrolle, MaryaZoya, Custom Creature…)

Rabbit ears. Bows are so last season.

tax03 Taxider ME.

Cleopatra Cat. Cleocatra?

tax01 Taxider ME.

Who’s angry about crabs!

tax05 Taxider ME.

*Skunks totally look like this in Los Feliz… (Well, I’m sure they both smell the same!)

tax06 Taxider ME.

GAH! Too much! Too much!

tax04 Taxider ME.

I could not drink that booze. And that is saying a lot.

I feel like we’ve shared something today. Something furry and formaldehyde-y.



Living With T+A.

boobs around necks1 Living With T+A.

So, you totally woke up this morning and immediately thought “OMG, I need more boobs up in here.” Amiright or amiright?

Well, if you’re not already rocking one of those sweet mammary neck pillows up top, you have other options.

boob cake 770x1024 Living With T+A.

You’re right. Your name isn’t Justin. So this cake is o-u-t. But this just in! Jonathan Adler’s boobies vase! Tres chic!

jonathan adler boob vase 764x1024 Living With T+A.

Or perhaps you’re feelin a little more like…

velvet hammer burlesque 1024x764 Living With T+A.

Who doesn’t love bedazzling their bikini areas with fruit and jewels and sass. Check out the whole story in “The Velvet Hammer Burlesque”.

Which way to the mermaid gym? Oh! This way…

mermaids boobs 1024x764 Living With T+A.

Or a coy little tease? (No secrets here…!)

plastic boobs girl 1024x612 Living With T+A.

“But what about me? I like it cheeky!” – you seem to say. Well, dear friend. Behold the buttocks.

kiss my ass card 1024x720 Living With T+A.

And I think we’re done here. I gotta go Google “boobs neck pillow” and consider inventing the male equivalent “lap pillow”.



Some fun facts about Spitfire Girl Wood Products!

Spitfire Girl Wood Facts!

Where and How do you get the wood for your products?

Our suppliers travel the nation looking for the very best trees for our cards, making sure to select them responsibly. Logs are shipped from across the nation and around the world . Spitfire Girl and our suppliers are firm believers in keeping our environment healthy, and in turn only purchases logs from companies that employ sustainable yield harvesting procedures.  We do not purchase wood that has been illegally harvested (as much wood from China is uncertified, it is not purchased from there).  All Spitfire wood products are made, printed, and assembled in the USA.

Is your company or the wood used FSC certified?

Our supplier is currently in the process of being FSC certified. They have submitted all paperwork and have undergone inspections to complete the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification process. They are expecting the process to be complete soon, but currently do not have a completion date at this time. Although they are not officially certified, conserving and protecting the environment is extremely important to them and us and in turn only purchase logs from companies that employ sustainable yield harvesting procedures.

Is the wood biodegradable?

Yes! Since the wood is 100% natural, the card will biodegrade. No type of chemicals are used in the process of production and will not harm the environment during the decomposition process.

Can you write on the wood?

Yes, we suggest a ball point pen. Gel pens or markers with a wet ink tend to bleed in the wood grain.

Can you mail the postcards?

Yes! You can mail them as you would any other postcard, using the current postcard postage.

Sometimes the wood cards curl a little bit, is this product damaged?

No, the product is not damaged.  Keep in mind that this product is 100% real wood and will be affected by temperature and humidity. The wood, over time wants to return to its natural rounded shape.  Gently fold the cards back in the opposite direction,  if it’s being particularly curly, place under a few books for a while, and that will return it to the flat shape.

It seems that we receive our packages in previously used boxes and/or reused packing materials, why?

We do reuse boxes and packing materials.  We feel it is more eco-friendly to repurpose our packing materials, as this is more carbon neutral,than simply recycling.  We do purchase recycled cardboard boxes, as needed, and pack with recycled brown kraft paper. Any other peanuts or bubble wrap, has been recycled to ship our product safely to you.  If you prefer only new packing materials, please let us know, and we are happy to fulfill your request.

Fun Fact…

  1. Did you know it takes less wood to make one of our wood postcard than the average paper card?

How The Robot Came To Life.

I thought it would be cool to share how the best selling Spitfire Girl image came about.

This is how the short story goes…..

While in divorce court 6 years ago, My soon to be ex-husband on one side with his “partner” and I on the other side, alone. It was awkward and I was bored. So  to kill time I started sketching Mr. Robot. Here are the original sketches.

robot blog 12 How The Robot Came To Life.

robot 2 blog How The Robot Came To Life.Now for the final product. I think it is awesome that such a great product came out of a horrible event. YAY!!!

Check out all the different ways you can own Mr. Robot.

aka robot How The Robot Came To Life.

The Postcard

robot How The Robot Came To Life.

The Doll

robot1 How The Robot Came To Life.


robot tee toddler1 How The Robot Came To Life.

Children's Tee

wall art robot How The Robot Came To Life.

Wall Art

Thanks Mr. Robot!


Spitfire Girl