Sh*t A Rabbi Says

normalpope 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

"Pensive Rabbi" (nonspeaking)

lostchildhood 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

Whatever happened to innocence?

photo 131 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

How can I change up my wardrobe?

censorship 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

I'm thinking about censorship.

relaxing 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

I really should relax more.

partytime 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

I can't wait until my shift ends...

stripclub 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Saysbecause I’m thinking about hitting da strip club.
petbird 224x300 Sh*t A Rabbi Says

How am I going to get rid of this bird?


Conceived and Incepted by Lauren and Chelsea


cryinggirl 802x1024 Regret.Dear Necklaces That I Loved,

I mean you, awesome rifle necklace. And you too, sweet art deco pendant. I guess I never really told you how much I adored you. How I would walk into the room and glance at you and somehow it made me feel better. Just knowing you were there.

Remember that one time I wore you around a little bit? Pretending we had a life together. Secretly wishing we did. Making tiny calculations in my mind about when we could meet again. Remember all that? (Sigh).

Well, I guess it’s too late. Maybe you got sick of waiting around for little ole me. I understand. What did I expect – that you’d just hang out forever? (I did hope that, actually)…

Your new life must be a good one. Because you were quite a treasure. Maybe next time, I’ll get my s*** together and nut up and buy you when I have the chance.

I will. Next time, I will.

Love Always,


Old world figurines

Imagine my surprise when I come in to work after a few days off to see the store sprinkled with these adorable ceramic friends! I’m not sure what their story is, but I have become a tad smitten with a few of them. They are all well loved and worn and come jam packed with a vintage-y goodness. Ranging in price from $10 to $15, there is no reason to not take one of them home today. I would be sad- yes, but who am I to stand in the way of true love…

couple1 Old world figurines

There’s the adorable Dutch couple. I like to call them Gottfried & Wilhelmina the little farm couple.

waterboys Old world figurinesOr you can take home one of the waterboys, Pieter or Pauel

man Old world figurinesThis sweet & dapper boy is known as Koenraad the pretty icon smile Old world figurines

couple2 Old world figurines

The more mature couple in the mix are Rutger & Maartje

girlie Old world figurinesRounding out the bunch is the fun loving Little Miss Brechtje!

Whichever of these little gems that catches your eye, don’t sleep on it- take them home and find them a perfect spot to live the rest of their days happily with you!

Flash Drive Zen

Do you ever feel like your lacking balance? Too much yin not enough yang? Do you find yourself asking, “How can I get to that zen place?”

I find myself asking that too.

BUT, I also found some interesting flash drives in the store that totally encompass the old and the new…the yin and the yang.

Duality. ya heard?

IMG 0001 300x300 Flash Drive Zen
Aphrodite shows mad love for flash drives

IMG 0004 300x300 Flash Drive Zen

I'm a vintage locket with an ultra-sleek usb stick!

IMG 0006 300x300 Flash Drive Zen

vulcan + log = serenity

Think about it… flash drives and USB ports definitely lead to enlightenment.

Well, maybe that’s a stretch.

At the very least, these products combine vintage/antique and modern/chic to compliment any techie with style.



Strange Love

Yesterday, I was replacing some window decorations with giant, red, glittering hearts, when a Serge Gaisbourg song started playing. –video below.

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin – Melody Nelson

The video features Serge driving a Rolls Royce and Jane Birkin getting hit by it while riding a bicycle. This song and video are the first in a series that go on to tell the love story between a middle-aged man and a much younger, Lolita-esque girl.

Sure…Why not?

In fact, Serge’s video and song demonstrate one thing really well (no, not an illicit affair): Strange Love. Just go with it…

Why else would we, at Spitfire Girl, have a donkey head on the body of a man, surrounded by hearts in our front window??

Think about it… some of the best romances of all time are really, really strange.

Beauty and the Beast Wallpaper beauty and the beast 6260125 1024 768 300x225 Strange Love
I don’t remember questioning this when I was little…

600full strange love poster 250x300 Strange Love
Remember this?

post 19 orange soda 300x227 Strange Love
strange but real

Liza 300x225 Strange Love
googly eyes fo realzz

1207188505Zl3kGmi1 300x199 Strange Love
super cute + weird animal love

lisa marie 225x300 Strange Love

matching eyebrows = love

Love is elusive, twisted, and, above all….drumroll…. love is weird.

Don’t try and pretend that it’s not, just look at the things we have in the store especially for Valentine’s Day!



Money, That’s What I Want $$$

Did you spend all of your holiday cash already? … Or did you manage to break even after buying everyone else a present?

I know that this is the case for myself and many others, so let me propose a New Years resolution/initiative:

Home Banking

With bank fees, account minimums, and weird ATM charges (for no reason), we are all throwing money away. That’s why we should take a step back and maybe take a page from your depression-era grandparent, who kept all their money in a tin, under the mattress.

Spitfire Girl can help you do this…no need to hide a tin under the bed, though. We have all kinds of home banking systems!!!

IMAG2600 300x179 Money, Thats What I Want $$$
hide cash in this acorn…
IMAG25972 300x179 Money, Thats What I Want $$$
fatten this piggy with your change!
IMAG2598 179x300 Money, Thats What I Want $$$

this grenade bank is the bomb. hah

So… Spend a little money to be able to save SOO much and make 2012 the year of financial prosperity!


The Day After Christmas…

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

But the day after Christmas, I opened the store and to my surprise there were creatures galore!

The animals are celebrating the holidays and starting to gear up for New Years…

A mouse was reading a trixie deer’s tarot cards.

trixie mouse 1024x612 The Day After Christmas...

Monkeys asking directions from a crow king.

monkey crow 1024x612 The Day After Christmas...

Two deer playing in the woods.

metal deer 1024x612 The Day After Christmas...

And last but not least… a mouse and a jackalope discussing politics.

mouse jackalope 1024x612 The Day After Christmas...

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that we here at Spitfire Girl will be celebrating right on through the New Year! Come on in, hang out, look around and get yourself or someone else something super cool and shmancy to kick off the New Year!!!

Who knows, maybe a mouse will read your tarot…


Now Selling Manifest Destiny Candles

Brand new Manifest Destiny candles add luxurious, unusual, and distinct scent combinations to any room. Scent brings back memories of the past and this nostalgic line of candles even features a unique written story behind the creation of each scent.
Wether your haunt is a hunting lodge, vaudevillian villa or maybe just an apartment in the city the character of each scent will take you back to those faraway times and places.
Owner and creator Meike Kopp finishes off each candle with a photo from the historic 1906 LA trolley power station. Known as the Huron Substation this relic of the past serves as a perfect reference for the truly one-of-a-kind line of vintage inspired candles. Perfect gift for those who have everything, holidays, or just because…┬ápurchase Here!
manifest 1 Now Selling Manifest Destiny Candles

Hunter's Reign

manifest 3 Now Selling Manifest Destiny Candles

Vintage Velvet

manifest 2 Now Selling Manifest Destiny Candles

The Ruins

Opening a new store calls for a creative window

I don’t know if you are arware, but we are opening a new retail store in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Exciting to say the least. And One thing I will tell you there is quite a big window. So now I’m putting my thinking cap on> Need a super, fabulous, creative window display to attract the fabulous customers!!! Any ideas wonderful people?

Heres what I found surfing the net. Pretty awesome….Let’s start with the best one. Why not.

selpridges2 Opening a new store calls for a creative window

A window display from Selfridges in the 1920s

miss w Opening a new store calls for a creative window

Miss Washington Learns As She Sleeps

Watched by onlookers, American beauty pageant winner and later actress Mary Jane Hayes (1930 – 1977), Miss Washington of 1949, lies in a bed in a storefront window as she pretends to sleep, Washington DC, 1950. The window display was sponsored by Washington Educational Services as a way to promote a ‘learn while you sleep’ program, in this case speakers broadcast French lessons at Hayes. She later changed her first name to Allison and appeared in a number of films, notably as the title character in ‘Attack of the 50-ft. Woman.’

doggies1 Opening a new store calls for a creative window

so0-o cute!

cigs1 Opening a new store calls for a creative window

This is hilarious

window 4 Opening a new store calls for a creative window

i love this!

I can’t believe how cool this is . I would love to do something like this in our store. So creative!!!

window 2 Opening a new store calls for a creative window

i like

So Now with all my research, I’m so confused what to do? I’ll keep you posted when I decide.