Spitfire Girl’s Own Savory Puff Pastry Recipe!

We at Spitfire Girl love to snack, and we recently enjoyed these amazing puff pastries in the office so we thought we should share the recipe with you!

We were delighted at how easy and fun it was this was to make! Not to mention how creative your can be with your ingredients.

Feel free to switch up this recipe with what ever you want.

For instance, we had a bunch of blueberries from the farmers market, so we added some blueberries to one batch and made a sweet version too! One savory and one sweet! It’s a win win!

Here is what you will need for the Savory Puff Pasty.

 Spitfire Girls Own Savory Puff Pastry Recipe!

Preheat oven to 450
1 package of frozen puff pastry defrosted
Dijon mustard
Thinly sliced good salami
2 kinds of your favorite cheese, (We used Gruyere and Parmesan!)
Portabello mushrooms sauteed
One beaten egg
Salt and pepper
 Spitfire Girls Own Savory Puff Pastry Recipe!

Lay one sheet of parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Lay one sheet of puff pastry onto pan. Keeping a 1 inch border, brush dough with mustard, then arrange salami. Place a layer of sautéed mushrooms down then sprinkle a layer of cheese. Add salt and pepper. brush the border with egg wash. Roll the second piece of dough on top. Brush the top with egg wash. Chill in the fridge for 15 min until it is cold. Trim edges and pop into the oven for 25 to 30 min.  Allow to cool for a few minutes, cut in squares and serve hot and enjoy!

                   Spitfire Girls Own Savory Puff Pastry Recipe!

We love this dish as the perfect pairing for some afternoon cocktails!

Total time 55 min.

Happy Cooking!

Spitfire Girl

Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival

When it comes to music we can only say that our taste here at the Spitfire Girl office is eclectic! However if there’s one thing we can agree on listening to it’s the get down, feel good, ramp up tunes of Dustbowl Revival.
 We were honored to have vocalist, washboard twanger, and ukelele player Liz Beebe join us in the office on a recent afternoon.
 Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival
A long term Spitfire Girl fan and friend, we chatted with Liz about  her favorite Spitfire Girl item, her top five favorite bands and and what her definition of a Spitfire Girl is.
 Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival
Liz loves her Spitfire Girl “love” necklace and says she thinks it’s the perfect little bit of minimalist glam to go with everything. (We love, the “love” necklace too!)
 Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival
 For someone with such great taste, we had to get Liz’s top bands, (we were not surprised to see Spitfire Girl Joni Mitchell in there.)
What Liz loves listening too:
1. First Aid Kit
2. Tori Amos
3. Joni Mitchell
4. Beastie Boys
5. Shawn Colvin
You have to agree that this girl knows what she’s talking about and when we asked Liz for her definition of a Spitfire Girl she said “A Spitfire Girl is someone who is true to themselves unapologetically” - and we couldn’t agree more with her!
Catch Liz on tour with Dustbowl Revival this summer and check them out at Dustbowlrevival.com
If you want to feel the love too, you can grab the “love necklace” right here in our web shop!
Happy Listening!
Spitfire Girl!

Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

Dinosaurs Smoking Weed is a book near and dear to our hearts here at the Spitfire Girl headquarters. Firstly, its one of our best sellers, and secondly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s written by one of our own!  That’s right - Dinosaurs Smoking Weed author, Shahrzad Ghadjar, used to work at one of our Spitfire Girl locations!

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

Now that she’s a successful entrepreneur, we had to sneak into Shahr’s busy schedule to talk about how Dinosaurs Smoking Weed came about. We put on some Lana Del Rey and let Shahr explain: “I love dinosaurs and I’ve always loved dinosaurs and I was drawing one day and it was a nice afternoon and I drew a T-Rex smoking a joint- and I thought it was really funny.”

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

 Shahr talked about how she always draws in black and white and how her style just naturally really lent itself to a coloring book, and as Shahr put it “people love to color when they’re stoned!”

As well as being a fun activity Shahr also wanted Dinosaurs Smoking Weed to be educational. The book contains Dinosaurs from all different continents and time periods and has true facts about each Dinosaur pictured. “It’s not just all about getting high, it’s about learning.”

  Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

We can appreciate that Shahr loves to learn and we just have to attribute some of her success to what she learned working for Spitfire Girl!

“Before working at the shop I thought I would do film, and when I was working at the store … I saw Kristin and Jason – all they do is draw and sell things and I thought, wow, I could do that too. Then Kristin also gave me the opportunity to draw and design for the store, and that blew my mind.”

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

 We at Spitfire Girl love coloring (stoned or otherwise) and Dinosaurs Smoking Weed provides the perfect place for us to get our coloring on! In fact, we’re about to get to coloring this Ornithomimus smoking a blunt right now!

  Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

We have a very special limited number of signed and numbered copies of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed available for purchase! The first five orders for Dinosaurs Smoking Weed placed online will be signed! Woohoo!

 Spitfire Girl and the author of Dinosaurs Smoking Weed

Happy coloring!
Spitfire Girl

Spitfire Girl and Auntie Em’s!

We at Spitfire Girl love all things cupcake and delicious so breakfasting out of the office to meet with Auntie Em’s Kitchenette founder, author, punk-rocker, and all around bad ass chick, Theresa Wahl, was a treat!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
Theresa Wahl is the author of our new favorite cookbook, The Auntie Em’s Cookbook, A Musician’s Guide to Breakfast & Brunch. In it, she expertly pairs tasty home inspired recipes with a colorful collection of tunes for the complete cooking experience.
Delectable recipes for sweet things like Orange Ciabatta French Toast are paired with equally pleasing songs like California Paradise by The Runaways.
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
We sat down with Terri in her new Auntie Em’s location in downtown Los Angeles to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind her new book.
When asked how she picked out songs for each recipe, Terri explained that she was trying to create a mood.
“The jarring and canning section is all blues – like you’re sitting on your porch in the South canning, making blueberry preserves and listening to blues music – it was just a feeling.”
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
We love Theresa and we love the Shaker Lemon Pie recipe (among others!)  We cant wait to blast Siouxsie and the Banshees while we’re whipping up this luscious lemon dessert!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
The Auntie Em’s Cookbook, The Musicians Guide to Breakfast & Brunch is available now online and at our retail locations!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
Happy Cooking (and singing!)
Spitfire Girl

Spring is in the Air

Looks like the seasons are a-changing. The first day of spring is only two weeks away and you know what that means….

sfg fun3 Spring is in the Air

Here are some fun facts about the spring solstice for everyone:

- Legend has it that you can stand a raw egg on it’s end only during the spring equinox.

- Apparently soil smells different during the spring

- Animals have sexy time

- It’s a symbol of renewal and better times.

What better way to celebrate rebirth than with Spitfire Girl?

Spitfire Girl Sightings

Guys. Guys. GUYS!

Get this:

So over the weekend, I went to Big Sur and I stayed in this cabin in the middle of nowhere. There was no one around for miles and since I’m scared of nature I was obviously, terrified. I mean look at this place, there are plants everywhere:

IMG 2642 764x1024 Spitfire Girl Sightings

Anywho, the night time strikes, I’m sitting in this cabin. It’s quiet. There’s no TV or music or anything. I have nothing to do, so naturally I decide to snoop through the drawers to see if there are any cool books to read because obviously, I was completely unprepared for this trip. But, guess what I found?

photo 611 1024x1024 Spitfire Girl Sightings

A SPITFIRE GIRL NOTEBOOK! WHAT?! HOW?! IN THE WOODS?! And with that discovery I felt slightly more at peace. A little slice of home had inflitrated my trip and suddenly I felt WAY more comfortable being in nature.

Here’s the best part: you can buy the same notebook for your little cabin in the woods online or at the store! Hurray!

The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

You guys, it’s here. The worst time of the year. Remember just a mere two months ago when we were drinking eggnog and opening presents? Then right after that we were poppin’ bottles of champagne and wearing an abundance of glitter and watching the ball drop. Valentines Day was the final event before the dark months, and for some Valentines Day is one of the worst days of the whole year, so maybe some of you are well into this seasonal rut. The next holiday coming up is St. Patrick’s Day, which in itself is depressing because I’ve always hated kelly green and I don’t like beer. So what’s after that? Spring Break? I remember when I was in school, Spring Break was the best, but now as a boring old working adult, all it means is that I will be working while the 1% is on vacation I and won’t be able to find parking. At least I’ll be able to live vicariously through some of these vacationers through Rich Kids of Instagram while I’m filling up my gas-tank for $4.50 a gallon and wishing I could fuel my car with my own tears.

For those of you who are in the same boat as me, I’ve compiled a list of things we have at Spitfire Girl to keep you occupied on these shockingly cold and boring days.

Start coloring! Doodles by Taro Gomi is the greatest coloring book in the world. It’s no Disney Princess bothing nothingness coloring book, it lets you express yourself in a million different ways. To be honest, my freshman year in college I had this coloring book and would bring it to my labs and color during “The History of Life.”
 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

Don’t play with fire? Why not? Draw to your rebellious heart’s content.
 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

Have a ball…with balls! (Haha, balls.) Let’s be real, bouncy balls will always be fun. When I’m 97 years old and have fake hips and smell like moth balls, I will still kick my walker out of the way to play with a big giant bouncy ball. In this case, you have a whole bag full of them. Go wild.

 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

Spend your next day off building a fort and making shadow puppets. I’m not talking about the old-fashioned two-fingers-look-like-a-bunny shadow puppets, I mean something really exciting – can your stupid hands make a goat? I doubt it.

 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

Feeling cold AND lonely? Kill two birds with one stone. Get yourself five new friends AND warmth with these guys.

 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

Didn’t celebrate the not-real holiday that is President’s Day? It’s never too late to honor good ol’ Abe with this flask.
 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

Why not educate yourself on human anatomy? There’s nothing better than learning! Stay in school, kids!

 The boring stretch between Christmas and Summer

These things should keep you busy for a little bit. In the meantime, come by the store and ~*Treat Yo Self*~ to these things or the hundreds of other fun goodies we have!

Valentines Day!

valentines day1 Valentines Day!I know, it’s been a while since you’ve heard our quirky and fun voices but it’s because the store was really busy for all of the holidays, ok!? Sorry!

The good news is we’re back and we’re blogging.

So as many of you know it’s almost Valentines Day and what better place to go shop for your one and only than Spitfire Girl? We have everything you could ever want, art, pillows, mugs, terrariums, perfumes, jewlery, jewlery, jewlery, jewlery, flasks, and oh so much more!

Stop by and pick something up for your other… or just yourself, because we don’t discriminate against single people on Valentines Day. In fact, we love them.

Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

IMG 1980 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz
Guys, I missed the memo on Halloween this year. Last night, after locking up for work, I began my usual walk home and to my surprise all of these zombies and monsters were filling the streets of los feliz.

So in honor of Pre-Halloween Spooky Sunday (Yes. I did just make that up. You’re welcome.) I would like to showcase some of our spookiest collections here at Spitfire Girl-

Beat Creations Plates

IMG 1973 1024x764 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

He’s wearing a gas mask because of the zombie plague that infiltrated our air here in LA… obviously.

Demon Mask

IMG 1978 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Wowza! That spooked me.

Black Cat keychain

IMG 1975 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Aw what a cute cat!

IMG 1977 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Ah!!! It has blue lazers for eyes! Spooky cat!

Seletti Skull

IMG 1974 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Seletti did some grave robbing and stole this skull before dipping it in gold. I want to be spooked by it, but it just looks so cool.

Bunny Doll

IMG 1979 764x1024 Spooky Sunday in Los Feliz

Why is that bunny wearing a onesie? Why does it look like a bunny version of Chuckie? Who knows.

Happy Spooky Sunday to all and to all a good night!