I’m mildly (read: religiously) obsessed with this ad: Ojai Taxidermy

…Aw, you hate it. (NOPE! Ya don’t!) And while I firmly believe living things should keep on living their happy lives if possible, I’m a little crushy on badass taxidermy. We have a few creatures in the store…

fox02 764x1024 Taxider 1024x764 Taxider ME.busts 1024x764 Taxider ME.

They¬†maaaay or may not be getting valentines from me this year. (“I’m stuffed with love for you! Be mine!”)

But there are some hard core taxidermists out there in the world. Makin’ dead animalz look all pretty n s***. (We see you Necromance, Deyrolle, MaryaZoya, Custom Creature…)

Rabbit ears. Bows are so last season.

tax03 Taxider ME.

Cleopatra Cat. Cleocatra?

tax01 Taxider ME.

Who’s angry about crabs!

tax05 Taxider ME.

*Skunks totally look like this in Los Feliz… (Well, I’m sure they both smell the same!)

tax06 Taxider ME.

GAH! Too much! Too much!

tax04 Taxider ME.

I could not drink that booze. And that is saying a lot.

I feel like we’ve shared something today. Something furry and formaldehyde-y.