Ben Belknap heads are here!

belknapheads 1024x1024 Ben Belknap heads are here!

If you aren’t familiar with Ben Belknap’s work, don’t worry- I wasn’t either until we got some of his work to hang for the Echo Park Art Walk back in May. Man are his pieces awesome! Here’s his bio:

Ben Belknap is an artist and musician who lives and works in Oakland, CA.

His art work consists primarily of small scale, richly glazed ceramic sculpture. In 2003 he received his bachelors degree from The California College of Arts and Crafts and has since had art shows at various galleries around the Bay Area and elsewhere.

After taking down the show, we decided to keep the little guys that didn’t sell at our Hillhurst shop for a bit. Feel free to stop in and check them out in person while they’re here. They have such personality for such quirky little faces! There are a couple of other tiny square portraits of his to see too. It’s Sunday, take a walk, pop in…

Surprise Gifts

Yesterday was the Echo Park Art Walk and people were out enjoying the gorgeous weather. It just so happens to end right here at our corner on Mohawk. After a full day of art lovers venturing in and out, I walked around the store perking things up when what do I see? Inside one of the scrimshaw boxes was a little art gift!

1316908762367 Surprise Gifts

Fittingly enough it’s a little seashell with some rainbow paint and “you are a purl” written in it. We love surprise art tokens of awesome!!! So if you were out and about and spreading the love, thanks from me- Sooz at Spitfire Girl, you totally brightened my day
icon smile Surprise Gifts

1316908709005 Surprise Gifts