Spitfire Girl in Star Magazine

Well looky here… Spitfire Girl‘s Comical Embroidered Cocktail Napkins are featured in Star Magazine. Who doesn’t enjoy a little humor with their beverage of choice? Shop these funny elegant linens in our LA stores and online.

Star Cover Spitfire Girl in Star Magazine

Star Spitfire Spitfire Girl in Star Magazine

Spitfire Girl’s Scary Good Drinks

Hi Spits and Spots,
With Halloween coming up, it’s time to throw the scariest party and Spitfire Girl has got your back. We decided to become mixologists for this very holiday and are passing our skills down to you and your lil zombies. These drinks not only sound creepy and look creepy, but they will also send serious chills down your spine.

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Blood & Sand 1 serving
.75 oz Scotch
0.5 oz cherry liqueur
0.5 oz orange juice


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and contents from Bag of Eww Gross)


Zombie Slime 1 serving
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Peach Schnaps
1 oz Sour Apple Schnaps
1 oz Coconut Rum
1 oz Sweet and Sour Mix


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Shake with ice and pour into one of our spooky glasses
available in stores or online.


Don’t worry we didn’t forget about the kids or those not into the poison. They get a sweet treat that will haunt their dreams too.


Pumpkin Nightmare
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
3/4 cup of milk or vanilla yogurt
1/4 tsb cinnamon
1/8 tsb nutmeg
2 tsb brown sugar
4 ice cubes


Blended it all up and BAM you’ve got a perfect desert drink for everyone to enjoy!


To make your Spitfire Girl Glasses look even spookier and make your guests gag,
you’ll need some blood slime. You can make that by mixing 3 tbl spoons of corn syrup and 1/2 tbl of red food coloring. Don’t forget the dry ice and our Bags of Eww Gross to make the decor even more spine chilling.
Please drink responsibly.


Spitfire Girl