My impressive outfit…

I’m going to San Diego at the end of the month to see an old…friend.

Needless to say, its been a couple years since I’ve seen him, so I’d like to bring the “WOW” effect with me.


top11 My impressive outfit...

I like this top a lot, I dont like it with these shorts though…lemme borrow that top.

skirt My impressive outfit...

I’m obsessed with this short in the front and long in the back, thats why I want this. And cuz its cool..

shoes My impressive outfit...

I like these since I would wear them ALL the time. omg. shoes.

top1 My impressive outfit...

This is a bathing suit top. I like it because I dont like ones that hook, because mine broke last year. FAIL.

bottoms My impressive outfit...

I have been looking for a high waisted 2 piece for SO long, and I’ve found it and I’m happy.

Now my huge ass wont be hanging out the sides. NICE. SCORE.

coverup My impressive outfit...

I love see-through things, but they are only acceptable at the beach. This is perfect for my trip!

Alright ya’ll, wish me luck, we all know I’m gonna look good though. I’m ready for some fun in the sun!


Ello There!

I’m heading to Europe and my first stop is BRIGHTON, ENGLAND BABY!

I’m visiting one of my VERY best friends, who has lived there for 3 years now. I’m so excited to get out of town and really take a vacation! But sadly, not everywhere is like LA (hot and beautiful every day), so its cold, and rainy. So I’ve decided to show you a fake outfit of what I would be wearing.

hat2 300x300 Ello There!

To keep my ears warm.

scarf 300x300 Ello There!

To keep my neck warm.

top 238x300 Ello There!

A super chic white silk blouse.

sweater 300x300 Ello There!

A super awesome SEXY navajo sweater.

pants 300x300 Ello There!

Super slim black skinny pants. Because black is slimming, and I love cheese.

Boots 300x300 Ello There!


God I wish I was so much more chic than I already am.