Today is the day I met my husband 4 years ago.

What a day it was. I had been single for 5 years and was done with dating and determined to focus only on my kids, my company and myself. My friends invited  my children and I over for thanksgiving. With my crew and my best friend from Texas, Elaine in tow we headed out for our Thanksgiving adventure.

When we arrived at their house I felt so good about myself and my new commitment. I was golden.  I said hello to everyone and then took a look out back, through the french doors I stepped and there he was. Standing dead center in a black cowboy shirt all alone frying a turkey. When we met eyes it was love at first sight, like lightning.

At the end of the day we exchanged info. Later that nite at  3:00 am I awoke abruptly and had a premonition. It was was like someone smacked me. I knew at that moment he was the one. I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him.

Happy Anniversary Jason.

Much love and respect

Spitfire Girl

DSC00907 Today is the day I met my husband 4 years ago.

Our Wedding Day

4343 Today is the day I met my husband 4 years ago.

And They Lived Happily Ever After.

Desert Trip

Just got back from a road trip. Definitely was a much needed get away. Nothing better than hitting the road in search of adventure thrift stores. Well it just so happens there was a reason for this special trip. It was my husbands birthday and this trip couldn’t have been any better.

Before we hit the road I placed his giant present in front of him, a record player! I must admit I’m totally loving this gift too.  The perfect gift that was well received set the mood for the trip–VINYL Scavenger’s!!! We hit desert swap meets, out of the way freaky thrifts stores and garage sales.  As I am typing I am listening to the best find thus far, Rod Stewart, ” A night on the town”, 1974. One word- Incredible!

rod 300x299 Desert Trip
While traveling From Pappy and Harriet’s to Palm Springs…. well we went the wrong way for a good bit, but stumbled upon this awesome Bookstore. A cool desert ex-tattooer owned bookstore.. Crazy!!! A wondering maze of cool books!

IMG 1595 300x300 Desert Trip

IMG 1600 300x300 Desert Trip

My new doggie and I checking it out!

IMG 1602 300x300 Desert Trip

Pierre- Such a sweet heart.

Road Side mural SUPER AWESOME!

IMG 1589 300x300 Desert Trip

What a view!

IMG 1591 300x300 Desert Trip

This was an amazing Mural we just happened upon while traveling.

Then I have to close todays blog with a pic of our new family member, Benny. This was his first road trip and he rocked it!

IMG 1664 300x300 Desert Trip


We made it back safe and sound and decided we need to do more road trips. Period.