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Jacqueline Rose‘s jewelry is one of our favorite collections we carry at Spitfire Girl. Jacqueline began making one-of-a-kind, vintage coin pendants and belt buckles in 2001 and her collection has since evolved out of a love for found objects & natural stones.
Using the lost-wax method, each piece is reinvented, elegantly polished yet true to their raw nature. We love that!

We reached out to Jacqueline (a native Texan who resides in LA) and asked her a few questions about her jewelry, what inspires her, and her process. Check out the Jacqueline Rose pieces we carry in our LA stores and online,
and give @jacquelinerose_collection a follow. She’s rad!

How did you get started with JRose?
I always loved to build and sculpt. So I started experimenting with vintage brooches in 2001. I made my first belt buckle out of a large vintage Eisenberg brooch. I began making them as a hobby, and from there it al began.

unnamed Jacqueline Rose Jewelry

What inspires you?
The Byzantine era…jewelry and found objects.  Ancient Egypt has also been a huge influence… they were very ahead of the game in jewelry.

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What are some of your favorite materials to work with?
Bronze & big natural stones. I love moonstone, lapis, garnet and labradorite.

unnamed 1 Jacqueline Rose Jewelry

What is a Spitfire Girl to you?
Committed, independent and never compromises.

unnamed 2 Jacqueline Rose Jewelry

What is your favorite Spitfire Girl product?
I love the wooden serving trays… very SFG!

Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival

When it comes to music we can only say that our taste here at the Spitfire Girl office is eclectic! However if there’s one thing we can agree on listening to it’s the get down, feel good, ramp up tunes of Dustbowl Revival.
 We were honored to have vocalist, washboard twanger, and ukelele player Liz Beebe join us in the office on a recent afternoon.
 Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival
A long term Spitfire Girl fan and friend, we chatted with Liz about  her favorite Spitfire Girl item, her top five favorite bands and and what her definition of a Spitfire Girl is.
 Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival
Liz loves her Spitfire Girl “love” necklace and says she thinks it’s the perfect little bit of minimalist glam to go with everything. (We love, the “love” necklace too!)
 Spitfire Girl and Dustbowl Revival
 For someone with such great taste, we had to get Liz’s top bands, (we were not surprised to see Spitfire Girl Joni Mitchell in there.)
What Liz loves listening too:
1. First Aid Kit
2. Tori Amos
3. Joni Mitchell
4. Beastie Boys
5. Shawn Colvin
You have to agree that this girl knows what she’s talking about and when we asked Liz for her definition of a Spitfire Girl she said “A Spitfire Girl is someone who is true to themselves unapologetically” - and we couldn’t agree more with her!
Catch Liz on tour with Dustbowl Revival this summer and check them out at Dustbowlrevival.com
If you want to feel the love too, you can grab the “love necklace” right here in our web shop!
Happy Listening!
Spitfire Girl!

Friday’s Forget Me Knot rings

rings Fridays Forget Me Knot rings

Tryxie can never resist some cute jewelry!

We’ve got super sweet Kiel Mead Forget Me Knot rings for everyone. Literally, over at the Hillhurst shop we’ve got them in all sorts of cool colors to match any outfit. You can also get them in silver and/or gold for a finer touch too. Take advantage of the break in the heat and head on over for some retail therapy.