Merry LAX-mas.

lb xmas 012 Merry LAX mas.Hey guys! I’m new to the Spitfire scene. (Nice to meet you). So. It’s my first Xmas in LA. Being an east coast girl, I’m kind of a holiday snob. I like for there to be real snowmen made out of real snow, non-hipster knitted outerwear, and for the air to freeze your jingle bells off immediately upon stepping out the front door.

But this year, I dunno… I’m kinda embracing more of a tropical Xmas thing. Santa in a bikini thong. Palm trees littered with fairy lights. A real life Corona commercial.

These pics are making me feel right at home. Here. (Sorry, Pennsylvania! I will still be back to visit and drink hot buttered rum with you!) But until then... XX, Lauren
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