Spitfire Girl in the Kitchen: Heart Beets

heartbeets title Spitfire Girl in the Kitchen: Heart Beets

Need something fun and flirty to make your cutie for Valentine’s Day? Heart Beets might just be the most adorable thing. We love trying new things in the kitchen at Spitfire Girl, and decided to try microwaving fresh beets. The process was quick and easy, and the results were delicious!

Here’s what to do to make your own Heart Beets this Valentine’s Day:

Select beets that are approximately the same size so that they microwave evenly.
Pierce the beets in several places to prevent steam from building up inside the beets causing them to explode.

Place the beets, trimmed and washed, in a single layer on a plate.
Make sure the plate is microwaveable, of course.

Drizzle them with about 2 tablespoons water.

Cover the plate with a bowl or damp paper towel and microwave on high for 5 minutes.

Turn the beets and continue microwaving them for another 3 to 5 minutes
until they are fork-tender.

Let them cool for 5 minutes, then peel the skins off the beets and slice them into flat slivers. Use a knife to cut them into heart shapes, sprinkle them with feta, and voila! HEART BEETS.

heartbeets Spitfire Girl in the Kitchen: Heart Beets

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History of the Heart

historyoftheheart History of the Heart

The heart! It’s the international symbol of love, and we love to draw it on stuff and insert the emoji into cute texts, but where did it come from? How did its cute shape originate? Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day coming up, so we did some research and sought out some info on our favorite shape ♥

Funny thing is, the heart shape as we know it is believed to have originated from the African plant silphium, which is accredited to having contraceptive qualities. (Now we’re talkin!) The city of Cyrene was famous for the trade of this rare and sought out plant used for birth control, so much so that silphium became an important part of Cyrene’s economy. The government minted coins representing silphium’s seedpod, which looked a lot like the shape of the heart as we know it today.

silphium History of the Heart

Interesting! So it all comes down to sex… surprise surprise.

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love candle 150x150 History of the Heartlove poems 150x150 History of the HeartSSP 140 LapelPinLove2 150x150 History of the HeartScreen Shot 2015 05 06 at 11.48.26 AM 150x150 History of the HeartGetImage 9cfd66fd 93cf 40bd b465 b215414f7914 150x150 History of the Heart mini heart ring1 150x150 History of the Heartunnamed grande d11caf50 3224 4e5c 833e 277f778e5642 150x150 History of the HeartScreen shot 2015 05 26 at 6.06.25 PM 150x150 History of the Heartseduction salt web 1024x1024 150x150 History of the Heart

Strange Love

Yesterday, I was replacing some window decorations with giant, red, glittering hearts, when a Serge Gaisbourg song started playing. –video below.

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin – Melody Nelson

The video features Serge driving a Rolls Royce and Jane Birkin getting hit by it while riding a bicycle. This song and video are the first in a series that go on to tell the love story between a middle-aged man and a much younger, Lolita-esque girl.

Sure…Why not?

In fact, Serge’s video and song demonstrate one thing really well (no, not an illicit affair): Strange Love. Just go with it…

Why else would we, at Spitfire Girl, have a donkey head on the body of a man, surrounded by hearts in our front window??

Think about it… some of the best romances of all time are really, really strange.

Beauty and the Beast Wallpaper beauty and the beast 6260125 1024 768 300x225 Strange Love
I don’t remember questioning this when I was little…

600full strange love poster 250x300 Strange Love
Remember this?

post 19 orange soda 300x227 Strange Love
strange but real

Liza 300x225 Strange Love
googly eyes fo realzz

1207188505Zl3kGmi1 300x199 Strange Love
super cute + weird animal love

lisa marie 225x300 Strange Love

matching eyebrows = love

Love is elusive, twisted, and, above all….drumroll…. love is weird.

Don’t try and pretend that it’s not, just look at the things we have in the store especially for Valentine’s Day!