Money, That’s What I Want $$$

Did you spend all of your holiday cash already? … Or did you manage to break even after buying everyone else a present?

I know that this is the case for myself and many others, so let me propose a New Years resolution/initiative:

Home Banking

With bank fees, account minimums, and weird ATM charges (for no reason), we are all throwing money away. That’s why we should take a step back and maybe take a page from your depression-era grandparent, who kept all their money in a tin, under the mattress.

Spitfire Girl can help you do this…no need to hide a tin under the bed, though. We have all kinds of home banking systems!!!

IMAG2600 300x179 Money, Thats What I Want $$$
hide cash in this acorn…
IMAG25972 300x179 Money, Thats What I Want $$$
fatten this piggy with your change!
IMAG2598 179x300 Money, Thats What I Want $$$

this grenade bank is the bomb. hah

So… Spend a little money to be able to save SOO much and make 2012 the year of financial prosperity!