Angela Rossi of Beat Up Creations

AngelaRossi Angela Rossi of Beat Up Creations

Angela Rossi is the artist behind Beat Up Creations, one of our favorite lines we carry at Spitfire Girl. We love her antique altered plates and teacups because they’re humorous, sometimes morbid, and always weird!

We love that Angela works with recycled, abused, broken, and forgotten items, and  transforms them into one of a kind creations that are nostalgic with a twist. We wanted to learn more about her work and process, so we reached out to her with a few questions.

IMG 1976 Angela Rossi of Beat Up Creations

How did you get started with Beat Up Creations?
This idea of the Altered Antique Plates started because my mom was an avid antique collector and dealer. When she retired she began getting rid of lots of stuff, in that “stuff” was many old plates. Some of which were old portrait plates with demure ladies posed in proper positions and big fluffy dresses. They were all beautiful with hand painted details, gold accents, and delicate porcelain but in reality they did not exactly match my modern, urban style. So, were they useless? No, I must make them cool again…. atlas the idea began.

plates1 Angela Rossi of Beat Up Creations
What inspires you?
I love the idea of taking a traditionally formal piece and bringing some humor to it. It is really about revitalizing these beautiful vintage plates, altering them to be a bit more fun and contemporary.


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What are some of your favorite images to work with?
The juxtaposition of highbrow classicism with a sense of humor is really my goal in creating the plates. I love the contrast between the old vs. new, pretty vs. ugly, soft vs. hard. I love the working with images of punk rockers, circus freaks, animals in clothes, monsters, zombies, famous rebels, sci-fi characters etc.


What has been a favorite moment in your career?
Honestly, everyday is just so awesome.  I never thought I would have a career where I get to create everyday.  My studio is my back house, so I can work at home, whenever… Im just so lucky…


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Tryxie Thursday- Posh Plates!

plates Tryxie Thursday  Posh Plates!

Bet you think I forgot about you huh?!?!?!
Nahhhhh, I went to the beach to cool off, wow it’s hot out there!

Fear not, I’m back and ready to show off some of our new faboosh stuff. Aren’t these plates just the cutest? Napoleon and pals come to you in 3 different sizes- platter, dinner & side plate. What a way to liven up the party and make a statement! Check em out in person, they are super lightweight melamine and dishwasher safe too. There are a handful of other faces from the National Gallery Collection to pick from so find the perfect one for you!