Strange Love

Yesterday, I was replacing some window decorations with giant, red, glittering hearts, when a Serge Gaisbourg song started playing. –video below.

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin – Melody Nelson

The video features Serge driving a Rolls Royce and Jane Birkin getting hit by it while riding a bicycle. This song and video are the first in a series that go on to tell the love story between a middle-aged man and a much younger, Lolita-esque girl.

Sure…Why not?

In fact, Serge’s video and song demonstrate one thing really well (no, not an illicit affair): Strange Love. Just go with it…

Why else would we, at Spitfire Girl, have a donkey head on the body of a man, surrounded by hearts in our front window??

Think about it… some of the best romances of all time are really, really strange.

Beauty and the Beast Wallpaper beauty and the beast 6260125 1024 768 300x225 Strange Love
I don’t remember questioning this when I was little…

600full strange love poster 250x300 Strange Love
Remember this?

post 19 orange soda 300x227 Strange Love
strange but real

Liza 300x225 Strange Love
googly eyes fo realzz

1207188505Zl3kGmi1 300x199 Strange Love
super cute + weird animal love

lisa marie 225x300 Strange Love

matching eyebrows = love

Love is elusive, twisted, and, above all….drumroll…. love is weird.

Don’t try and pretend that it’s not, just look at the things we have in the store especially for Valentine’s Day!