Some fun facts about Spitfire Girl Wood Products!

Spitfire Girl Wood Facts!

Where and How do you get the wood for your products?

Our suppliers travel the nation looking for the very best trees for our cards, making sure to select them responsibly. Logs are shipped from across the nation and around the world . Spitfire Girl and our suppliers are firm believers in keeping our environment healthy, and in turn only purchases logs from companies that employ sustainable yield harvesting procedures.  We do not purchase wood that has been illegally harvested (as much wood from China is uncertified, it is not purchased from there).  All Spitfire wood products are made, printed, and assembled in the USA.

Is your company or the wood used FSC certified?

Our supplier is currently in the process of being FSC certified. They have submitted all paperwork and have undergone inspections to complete the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification process. They are expecting the process to be complete soon, but currently do not have a completion date at this time. Although they are not officially certified, conserving and protecting the environment is extremely important to them and us and in turn only purchase logs from companies that employ sustainable yield harvesting procedures.

Is the wood biodegradable?

Yes! Since the wood is 100% natural, the card will biodegrade. No type of chemicals are used in the process of production and will not harm the environment during the decomposition process.

Can you write on the wood?

Yes, we suggest a ball point pen. Gel pens or markers with a wet ink tend to bleed in the wood grain.

Can you mail the postcards?

Yes! You can mail them as you would any other postcard, using the current postcard postage.

Sometimes the wood cards curl a little bit, is this product damaged?

No, the product is not damaged.  Keep in mind that this product is 100% real wood and will be affected by temperature and humidity. The wood, over time wants to return to its natural rounded shape.  Gently fold the cards back in the opposite direction,  if it’s being particularly curly, place under a few books for a while, and that will return it to the flat shape.

It seems that we receive our packages in previously used boxes and/or reused packing materials, why?

We do reuse boxes and packing materials.  We feel it is more eco-friendly to repurpose our packing materials, as this is more carbon neutral,than simply recycling.  We do purchase recycled cardboard boxes, as needed, and pack with recycled brown kraft paper. Any other peanuts or bubble wrap, has been recycled to ship our product safely to you.  If you prefer only new packing materials, please let us know, and we are happy to fulfill your request.

Fun Fact…

  1. Did you know it takes less wood to make one of our wood postcard than the average paper card?

Check out our new Spitfire Girl Jewelry!

We’ve been busy bees making new things for you, and trying to figure out our

new website and blog inner workings.

We are excited to introduce our latest addition the the Spitfire Girl, our wood jewelry line!

Miniature versions of our most popular postcard designs.  They measure  7/8″ in diameter.

Set in silver with an 18″  silver chain, or brass with an 18″ gunmetal chain.

Each design has it’s own small charm attached, to complete the unique look.  They’re all

handmade  in Los Angeles.  We’re excited to offer tiny wearable versions of  our artwork,

we hope you will be too!  It’s been so much fun to see customers leave the store

wearing them home, or wrapping them up in our spitfire gift wrap as presents.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, send ‘em our way.


Jennifer (one of the spitfire girl crew members)