Who’s ready to get their Thanksgiving on?

I am! One day of delicious food , overeating here we come! I swear when I get back from giving Thanks in Texas I’m going to be doing yoga 24 hrs a day to make up for how bad I’m about to be. This will be me in a couple of hours below:

cute kitten sleeping in food Whos ready to get their Thanksgiving on?

My husband and I are visiting with my family in Houston, Texas. It’s morning time and we’re hanging out at the home I grew up in catching up and drinking coffe. We just got word the Turkey is cookin” in the oven at my aunt’s house . Dinner will be served in just a few ours. I am thankful that my husband and I decided at the last minute to say the heck with it- LET’S go to TEXAS! Time with family is always the best.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Spitfire Girl