Spitfire Girl and Auntie Em’s!

We at Spitfire Girl love all things cupcake and delicious so breakfasting out of the office to meet with Auntie Em’s Kitchenette founder, author, punk-rocker, and all around bad ass chick, Theresa Wahl, was a treat!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
Theresa Wahl is the author of our new favorite cookbook, The Auntie Em’s Cookbook, A Musician’s Guide to Breakfast & Brunch. In it, she expertly pairs tasty home inspired recipes with a colorful collection of tunes for the complete cooking experience.
Delectable recipes for sweet things like Orange Ciabatta French Toast are paired with equally pleasing songs like California Paradise by The Runaways.
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
We sat down with Terri in her new Auntie Em’s location in downtown Los Angeles to talk a little bit about the inspiration behind her new book.
When asked how she picked out songs for each recipe, Terri explained that she was trying to create a mood.
“The jarring and canning section is all blues – like you’re sitting on your porch in the South canning, making blueberry preserves and listening to blues music – it was just a feeling.”
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
We love Theresa and we love the Shaker Lemon Pie recipe (among others!)  We cant wait to blast Siouxsie and the Banshees while we’re whipping up this luscious lemon dessert!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
The Auntie Em’s Cookbook, The Musicians Guide to Breakfast & Brunch is available now online and at our retail locations!
 Spitfire Girl and Auntie Ems!
Happy Cooking (and singing!)
Spitfire Girl