Tryxie & Pig, shop love!

piggy Tryxie & Pig, shop love!

If you didn’t know it by now, Tryxie loves her animal buddies in the shop. Pigs being her absolute favorite! So when she laid on eyes on this gold piglet, it was love. He really is a sight, big enough to hold a good chunk of change and cute enough to be an awesome centerpiece in your room. Check him out online or in the shop, you won’t be disappointed!

Friday’s Forget Me Knot rings

rings Fridays Forget Me Knot rings

Tryxie can never resist some cute jewelry!

We’ve got super sweet Kiel Mead Forget Me Knot rings for everyone. Literally, over at the Hillhurst shop we’ve got them in all sorts of cool colors to match any outfit. You can also get them in silver and/or gold for a finer touch too. Take advantage of the break in the heat and head on over for some retail therapy.

Tryxie Thursday- Posh Plates!

plates Tryxie Thursday  Posh Plates!

Bet you think I forgot about you huh?!?!?!
Nahhhhh, I went to the beach to cool off, wow it’s hot out there!

Fear not, I’m back and ready to show off some of our new faboosh stuff. Aren’t these plates just the cutest? Napoleon and pals come to you in 3 different sizes- platter, dinner & side plate. What a way to liven up the party and make a statement! Check em out in person, they are super lightweight melamine and dishwasher safe too. There are a handful of other faces from the National Gallery Collection to pick from so find the perfect one for you!

Two for Tuesday- Cute vase edition!

chive stuff Two for Tuesday  Cute vase edition!

Tryxie had a ball today over at the Sunset shop with all the new goodies from CHIVE. Prettiful & interesting, these new vases will have everyone raving about them. They’ve got a touch of nature along with a whimsical futuristic look and there are hanging ones along with tiny table top options. You’re sure to find one to fit your pad in there somewhere!