Nude People – They’re Wild!

IMG 1900 764x1024 Nude People   Theyre Wild!

I’d like to take a moment and acknowledge the wonders of the nude people. They’ve been calling Spitfire Girl home for the past couple weeks and man are they crazy!

Here’s some things I found them doing today:

IMG 1901 764x1024 Nude People   Theyre Wild!

This guy was reading the Encyclopedia of Russian Tattoos today. He really dug it. We ended up having a 45 minute long, in depth conversation about Lenin and Trotsky while briefly touching on Stalin’s five year plan. I compared it to my own five year plan, although Stalin’s was definitely far more ambitious than mine. Anyway, turns out this nude guy was actually quite knowledgeable on the subject.

IMG 1902 1024x764 Nude People   Theyre Wild!

These two seem to be in love. I found them getting all up close and personal next to the Spitfire Girl owl postcard.

IMG 1898 764x1024 Nude People   Theyre Wild!

I found this nude woman hanging by an alligator clip and magnifying herself! Who does that?! Must be some nude people fetish….

IMG 1903 764x1024 Nude People   Theyre Wild!These guys were riding the new mugs we have. Those nude hooligans!

All in all, I have to give the nude people credit. They keep me quite entertained over here at the store. Come by and pick one up! They’re vagabonds always looking for a new home.