Living With T+A.

boobs around necks1 Living With T+A.

So, you totally woke up this morning and immediately thought “OMG, I need more boobs up in here.” Amiright or amiright?

Well, if you’re not already rocking one of those sweet mammary neck pillows up top, you have other options.

boob cake 770x1024 Living With T+A.

You’re right. Your name isn’t Justin. So this cake is o-u-t. But this just in! Jonathan Adler’s boobies vase! Tres chic!

jonathan adler boob vase 764x1024 Living With T+A.

Or perhaps you’re feelin a little more like…

velvet hammer burlesque 1024x764 Living With T+A.

Who doesn’t love bedazzling their bikini areas with fruit and jewels and sass. Check out the whole story in “The Velvet Hammer Burlesque”.

Which way to the mermaid gym? Oh! This way…

mermaids boobs 1024x764 Living With T+A.

Or a coy little tease? (No secrets here…!)

plastic boobs girl 1024x612 Living With T+A.

“But what about me? I like it cheeky!” – you seem to say. Well, dear friend. Behold the buttocks.

kiss my ass card 1024x720 Living With T+A.

And I think we’re done here. I gotta go Google “boobs neck pillow” and consider inventing the male equivalent “lap pillow”.