Old world figurines

Imagine my surprise when I come in to work after a few days off to see the store sprinkled with these adorable ceramic friends! I’m not sure what their story is, but I have become a tad smitten with a few of them. They are all well loved and worn and come jam packed with a vintage-y goodness. Ranging in price from $10 to $15, there is no reason to not take one of them home today. I would be sad- yes, but who am I to stand in the way of true love…

couple1 Old world figurines

There’s the adorable Dutch couple. I like to call them Gottfried & Wilhelmina the little farm couple.

waterboys Old world figurinesOr you can take home one of the waterboys, Pieter or Pauel

man Old world figurinesThis sweet & dapper boy is known as Koenraad the pretty icon smile Old world figurines

couple2 Old world figurines

The more mature couple in the mix are Rutger & Maartje

girlie Old world figurinesRounding out the bunch is the fun loving Little Miss Brechtje!

Whichever of these little gems that catches your eye, don’t sleep on it- take them home and find them a perfect spot to live the rest of their days happily with you!