Vintage Catalogue

As you may know, we Spitfire Girls have recently come out with our new catalogue …which is AWESOME! And as a salute to the tradition of store catalogues, I’d like to share some pages from a vintage Montgomery Ward catalogue c.1934:

Check out the prices!

image 1 Vintage Catalogue

Baby birds for sale!

image 2 Vintage Catalogue

74 cents is sensational!

image 4 Vintage Catalogue

va va voom

image 5 Vintage Catalogue

I want the sailor pants!

image Vintage Catalogue

I want bloomers too!

And thus concludes this catalogue retrospective for now. Though I love the prices, my favorite thing about these pages are definitely the ladies’ eyebrows and finger-waved, bob haircuts. I also like that the adjective, “swanky,” is used to describe the linen suit.