Flash Drive Zen

Do you ever feel like your lacking balance? Too much yin not enough yang? Do you find yourself asking, “How can I get to that zen place?”

I find myself asking that too.

BUT, I also found some interesting flash drives in the store that totally encompass the old and the new…the yin and the yang.

Duality. ya heard?

IMG 0001 300x300 Flash Drive Zen
Aphrodite shows mad love for flash drives

IMG 0004 300x300 Flash Drive Zen

I'm a vintage locket with an ultra-sleek usb stick!

IMG 0006 300x300 Flash Drive Zen

vulcan + log = serenity

Think about it… flash drives and USB ports definitely lead to enlightenment.

Well, maybe that’s a stretch.

At the very least, these products combine vintage/antique and modern/chic to compliment any techie with style.