Two Headed Monsters Invade The Store!!!

So… Recently at our stores there have been some extra-out-of-the-ordinary dolls lately… no–not dolls–MONTERS! yes, monsters. And thats’s not all: these monsters have two heads!

Naturally, I investigated their origin…

Turns out they come from Lapland (it’s near Norway), where they roam free and frolic amongst the technicolored, giant-sized daisies. TRUTH. I swear.

Also-they are not monsters-Technically, they are ambi-cranial dinosaurs. People just call them “monsters” because their afraid of anything with two heads.

With that, I apologize to all the of the ambi-cranial creatures out there. Be free to be you, irregular dinosaurs! Be free to be you!

twoheadednowrwegianmonsters Two Headed Monsters Invade The Store!!!