cryinggirl 802x1024 Regret.Dear Necklaces That I Loved,

I mean you, awesome rifle necklace. And you too, sweet art deco pendant. I guess I never really told you how much I adored you. How I would walk into the room and glance at you and somehow it made me feel better. Just knowing you were there.

Remember that one time I wore you around a little bit? Pretending we had a life together. Secretly wishing we did. Making tiny calculations in my mind about when we could meet again. Remember all that? (Sigh).

Well, I guess it’s too late. Maybe you got sick of waiting around for little ole me. I understand. What did I expect – that you’d just hang out forever? (I did hope that, actually)…

Your new life must be a good one. Because you were quite a treasure. Maybe next time, I’ll get my s*** together and nut up and buy you when I have the chance.

I will. Next time, I will.

Love Always,