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is a Spitfire Girl favorite. We love that it’s handmade in LA, and influenced by juvenile jewelry and accessories crafted in the 1940s–1970s. Many of the components are even designed from genuine vintage molds and imprints. We reached out to owner and creator Alex Hillson, and asked her a few questions about her vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories line.

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How did you get started with Bottleblond?
I used to be an international business affairs executive in the film business.  After being laid off with 500 other people from my company, I decided I had enough of the corporate world.  I took some time off and started making hair clips from vintage components.  My family thought I was a little bonkers.  After a few months though, I was getting good feedback from people and I knew I had something unique to offer.  So I decided to take my severence and start my own business.  I havent looked back since.

What inspires you?
Definitely the biggest thing that inspires me is quirky, wacky and spirited little girls.  My niece is one of them for sure! I wanted to create a jewelry line that was especially for them so they can express themselves in a fun way and use their imagination too.  There are plenty of traditional choices out there for little girls.  I wanted Bottleblond to provide some original, handcrafted alternative choices that are a bit different than the usual fare.

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What are some of your favorite materials to work with?
Resin pendants and cabochons, anything resin for sure!  Also, as we try to keep our prices reasonable, we cant work with gold or silver, so instead we work with a lot of raw brass charms.  I like the way it naturally patinas over time as opposed to cheaper gold plated materials that turn black and peel pretty quickly.  We can also hand paint them too which is fun.

What has been a favorite moment in your career?
I think when my niece Mia met her namesake necklace, Mia the Mermaid this summer in a store that carries our line in the Hamptons.  She shook the jar it came in and looked at the label and loved that her name was on it.

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What is a Spitfire Girl to you?
Oh this one is easy!  A Spitfire Girl is like a Bottleblond Girl. Spunk, bravery, curiosity and a sense of adventure.  Not afraid to eat a jalapeño pepper and peanut butter sandwich on a dare.  Always looking at things from a slightly different angle. Proud to be a girl and excited to get stuck in the top car on the ferris wheel because she knows that’s where the view is the best!

We couldn’t agree more. Follow @bottleblondjewels on Instagram and shop Bottleblond in Spitfire Girl stores in LA and online.

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