More animal stuff okay?

As you guys know, we love animals here at Spitfire Girl. I love when I hear about animals making friends with other animals! This story is the cutest because these animals give each other something really special.

In 2004 an adorable baby hippo (650 lbs!!!) was washed away from its mother due to a terrible tsunami! This hippo, Owen, was rescued and taken to a wildlife park in Malindi. He was scared and lost and had to Mommy to protect him.

As he entered the park, Mzee, a 130 year old tortoise, was standing around minding his own business when Owen ran right behind him as if Mzee was his real mother. Mzee let is slide and kept Owen around, so much that they began showing signs of affection and love towards each other. They follow each other around the park and protect each other like any parent and child would do.

I just wanna go play with them!

hip tort 1 300x225 More animal stuff okay?

Awwww they snuggle!

hip tort 6 300x225 More animal stuff okay?

hip tort 7 300x225 More animal stuff okay?

Now, doesn’t that make you happy?