Bustin out the classics

So I told you about what costumes NOT to wear for Halloween, now here is a selection of some that we all for sure wore at some point in our wacky 70′s lives (I will not disclose my age but I will say that yes, I did wear some of these myself) and that are too awesome to leave in a vault somewhere. Oh internets, thank you so much for bringing me back together with my kooky spooky inflatable alien thing. i sported that green one to middle school….

Woblin goblin Bustin out the classics

and our mom’s would buy the patterns for some and make them for us, thusly embarrassing us for the rest of the year cause we didn’t have a cool store bought plastic thingie

il fullxfull.267013921 875x1024 Bustin out the classics

strawberry shortcake, every girl wanted to be her

gxh6 Bustin out the classics

for the badass in all of us, classic

gx3 Bustin out the classics

And the little brother outfit, they should have just sold it with that as the tag line. Donny Osmond… only little brothers would sport that

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trick or treat kiddies!