Ello There!

I’m heading to Europe and my first stop is BRIGHTON, ENGLAND BABY!

I’m visiting one of my VERY best friends, who has lived there for 3 years now. I’m so excited to get out of town and really take a vacation! But sadly, not everywhere is like LA (hot and beautiful every day), so its cold, and rainy. So I’ve decided to show you a fake outfit of what I would be wearing.

hat2 300x300 Ello There!

To keep my ears warm.

scarf 300x300 Ello There!

To keep my neck warm.

top 238x300 Ello There!

A super chic white silk blouse.

sweater 300x300 Ello There!

A super awesome SEXY navajo sweater.

pants 300x300 Ello There!

Super slim black skinny pants. Because black is slimming, and I love cheese.

Boots 300x300 Ello There!


God I wish I was so much more chic than I already am.