I’m gonna get crafty

So there’s this big craze right now with everyone and their terrariums or ariums or whatever they are called now- tomato/tomatoe! I was told that these are totally easily to maintain and keep healthy… this remains to be seen. I have a black thumb. I’m known for it. I kill every green thing that comes in contact with me. Well that being said- I WANT ONE! Here’s my chance for minimal plant carnage I think. We have a bunch of sweet globe terrariums in the shop and some cool planter ones as well, but I think I can do better.

The toy junkie in me saw something on Pinterest in passing about making one at home with some animal figures… Oh yes this sounds more like it! I just so happened to be working at the Hillhurst shop today when I came across an incredible 2 headed dino beast thing that somewhat resembles this guy….
Arco 001 Im gonna get crafty

He is now in my possession and I have named him Roland. Roland will soon have his spine cut out and be gutted and filled with putty to close out his holes and prevent mold from happening. Then I must hit up a plant store or whatever you call them and find some of these…

ground desert plants Im gonna get crafty

Whatever fits the gaping back hole in Roland and looks pretty really will do. I’m not picky and the odds are it will die soon anyway! Once finished it should end up looking something like this guy but definitely cooler…

il 570xN.239164565 500x429 Im gonna get crafty

So yeah, once it’s all said and done I will come back and show you the finished awesomeness. Or a pile of dead mush.