Everyone has had their share of awesome or terrible roommates. I once lived in a 3 story apartment with 5 other people!!! Theres always one who stays in their room 24/7. One who you’ve never really talked to. The lazy one. The party boy/girl. Whichever it is, sometimes living with people can be rough. Especially when you’re trying to talk to someone who is basically a stranger to you. There are always little things that bother us. TV is too loud, always stealing my food and my favorite, dirtying the kitchen after using YOUR pots and pans!!! REALLY???

So roommates have ways of communicating while on the go, to avoid confrontation…leave a note!

roommate13 Roomies!!!!

There are, I KID YOU NOT, 8 cans of green beans in my pantry. WHO EATS CANNED VEGGIES??

roommate10 Roomies!!!!

Oooooooh you got told!

roommate3 Roomies!!!!

I’m glad I’ve never had to remind my roommates to wear pants…all day!

roommate 1 Roomies!!!!

at least they didn’t just leave a glass of urine, which resembles a nice glass of apple juice…

roommate14 Roomies!!!!

What would you prefer?

Doing your laundry (finally)

or jizzzz in yo FACE!?!?!


-Mia icon smile Roomies!!!!