The scents of summer

All of a sudden I can’t get enough FIG! Both the fruit and anything with the scent of it. Luckily we have candles & perfumes with it and I get my fill at work. It’s just the bestest smell!

If you are intrigued, you can pick up our Lucia Candle for home yumminess

fig hearts The scents of summer

Right around the same time I discovered I loved smelling fig almost as much as eating them, I uncovered my surprise scent of choice- TUBEROSE. I am SO not a flowery girl but something about this that when mixed with the right stuff- wow it’s so soft and delicious.

Yup, the West 3rd Tonic is on heavy rotation in my world.

tuberose2 The scents of summer

And seriously, who can live without some age old Patchouli? Not the unwashed masses kind, the very finely tuned and mixed grown up kind of patchouli that the folks at L’Artisan Parfumeur have perfected in liquid form.

Splurge and buy yourself or a loved on the Fou D’Absinthe and enjoy the fanciness

4176441821 bdcb1c1d66 z 300x199 The scents of summer

I’m just going to bathe myself in a mix of all three and maybe it will be the new thing! That would rock my sox