Tryxie Scavenger Hunt!

Our little deer pal has been running around like a freak shopping and having a good ole time in 2012. The holidays showed up and she was alittle M.I.A. but we’re here to fix that. Tryxie wants some reader participation for the new year… and she’ll make it worth your while.

tryxie hunt 682x1024 Tryxie Scavenger Hunt!

Starting next week sometime, check back for a new Tryxie Hunt! That’s right, the wee girl will be posing alongside something from the store every so often so you’ll have to check the blog and/or Facebook periodically for the clue. It’s gonna be tough cause we’re coming in close, but with a little detective work and website/store perusal, you should be able to nail down the items. It could be a bazillion things, have you been to the shop lately? Then you know we have all sorts of goodies all over the place. Nothing is too big or small!

Identify the item then pop into one of the stores and tell the sales clerk what the hunt of the week is for and you get 10% off your purchase! That’s right, winner winner chicken dinner icon smile Tryxie Scavenger Hunt!

Beware though, only the first 10 people to correctly identify the items win. Be swift mighty shoppers!
*Hunt and discount are available only in store.