We ARE your Christmas Elves

6a0115704a1242970c0133f594f448970b 800wi We ARE your Christmas Elves

Spitfire Girl Employees of the Month!

It’s true! This is really us! And we are going to bed right now so we can wake up super early to package your gifts and ship them to you!

Too tired to even eat dinner. I’m already looking forward to the hot coffee in the morning, answering emails and making the Christmas magic happen. ┬áIt is a bit crazy here right now…. But I’ll have you know we are having fun and WILL miss it come January.

Thank you to all our Spitfire Girl customers. We strive to be the best and bring the super fun and unsual goodies to you all over the world.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Yours Truly,

Spitfire Girl